The Crossroads Lodge


Entrance to the lodge

  • Book cheap flights to New Zealand and spend your much-awaited holiday at The Crossroads Lodge. This place is complete with the essential facilities that will make your stay comfortable.

    TV Lounge: upstairs in the main block there is a spacious and comfortably furnished lounge area, with good quality TV reception and equipment. This also provides access to a balcony with a view to the west, towards the White Cliffs of Te Ahumatu. 

  • Rooms: these are arranged in five blocks of two, separate from the main service and recreational block. There are covered walkways connecting all blocks. If you prefer, or if demand is sufficient, there is space for camping as well. The facilities are licensed for up to fifty people resident at a time. 

  • Cooking Facilities: a large and attractive kitchen area is available, with comfortable provision for dining. There is also a gallery adjacent to the kitchen area for general use away from the food preparation area. 

Kitchen area

  • Showers and Toilets: these are situated in the main block. They are roomy, well ventilated and have proper lighting. Special provision has been made for easy access using a wheelchair. There is very little impact in the cabins from noise or lighting in this area. 
  • Internet Access: for now, there are PC's available in the office, linked via ADSL. Wireless connection is available. These are free to residents.
  • Tours, fishing, diving, surfing, swimming, walks ... can be arranged.