The Crossroads Lodge


Travel from Auckland, New Zealand for 70 km to the northeast. You will come to Aotea (Great Barrier Island), which marks the border of the Hauraki Gulf with the Pacific Ocean. The prevailing wind is from the southwest, so the Hauraki Gulf moderates the climate, keeping the Island warmer than Auckland on average, but not quite so hot during the peak of the summer. A deep offshore current on the east side provides clear water slightly enriched with minerals, which promotes a plankton bloom in late summer. The fishing and diving enthusiasts benefit from the results of this bounty. Click on the map for a larger image, click again to come back. 

Hauraki Gulf

The Crossroads Lodge is situated a few minutes north of Claris airfield, at the centre of the Island. Click on the map for a larger image, click again to come back. 

Aotea (Great Barrier Island), New Zealand

From this place, you are at the start of all the DOC tracks to the north and centrally located to take advantage of the weather: a rough east coast usually means there is a calm west coast; and vice versa. Don't waste all your time travelling up and down the Island; come to the centre of attraction. You are within easy reach of Awana and Kaitoke beaches, or the bush walks in the forest. The Crossroads Lodge is near to the Claris Sports and Social Club where Pool, Table Tennis, Tennis and Rugby facilities are available. The Golf Club and Hot Pools are also within walking distance.

North Island and Aotea, New Zealand

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